Superion, Inc. - Aero Lap

Aero Lap Polishers

Aero Lap is the incredible process that creates a mirror-smooth finish even on hard-to-polish parts. The Aero Lap uses an exclusive, automatic,high-speed multi-cone technology - and a unique abrasive medium to do away with the need for manual polishing of punches, dies, small-sized molds and other intricate parts.

Superion Inc. offers the Aero Lap polishing service for those hard-to-polish parts.

  • Cold Forge Die Parts Pins/Punches for automotive industry
  • Pills/Punches for medical institutions
  • Cutting Tools
  • Other services include Laser Marking and PVD coatings
  • EDM Drilling 0.30mm - 2.0 Dia. range